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Why SHE Sparks Business

SHE Sparks Business is a community of Female Business Owners and Professional Leaders in St. George, Utah. We provide local business support to female business owners in Southern Utah, and we are all about facilitating personal and professional growth. We Help female women conquer their goals and GROW their businesses through relationships, masterminds, round table connecting, referrals, and valuable business training. SHE Sparks Business is the #1 resource for female business owners/leaders in Southern Utah.

We also offer business systems and resources for women all over the United States.


SHE Sparks Business is made up of three tiers to better serve female business owners!

SHE Sparks Advocate

SHE Sparks Advocates are women who are passionate about helping other business owners THRIVE!

SHE Sparks Elite

Elite is women who are ready to take their business to the NEXT LEVEL.


Courses built to make your Business SHINE!

You Were Made for This

You already have what it takes.
Find your COMMUNITY to boost your skills, know-how, and accountability.





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Here at SHE Sparks, we are ALL about female business success. We support our tribe. We are experts in helping you meet valuable contacts, build quality relationships, and exchange ideas while focusing on referrals and business growth.

A truly inspiring woman in business, Sharon does it better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Watch out! This is someone who is going to appear in Entrepreneur magazine as a millionaire under 40, but that’s not all. Sharon lifts other people to her level too. She will have others around her, who work in her organization be millionaires also.
Matt Windor

Picket Pest Control

SHE Sparks is a great resource here in Southern Utah. They don’t focus on connecting you with people, they help you learn how to grow your business in other aspects as well. The luncheon’s and events are so helpful in getting connected to other women in Southern Utah. It has helped me come out of my shell and be able to be vulnerable. It is nice to only have women there, and not worry about what the males think.
Lindsay Bolander

Hafen Buckner

Not your average girl’s group, this tribe of powerful women are focused on building each other up, celebrating success, and propelling each other into the next dimension. Each block of time is well spent and one will walk away with valuable tools to grow personally and professionally. Strong women helping each other shine.
Kelli Charlton

Stapley Pharmacy

Upcoming Events

Female vision board event

Women’s Community Event *Vision Boards + Mastermind || Jan 27th || 9:15am -11:30am || @ The Awtood Plaza

Progress is a reward for consistency on the journey to achievement.We will be making vision boards at this Women’s Community Event while focusing on your…


It is unbelievable how powerful you can be when you have a clear visual of what you want. Imagine your goals have all been achieved.

Come meet new faces, new introductions, and let’s grow your biz! Let’s come together & stay consistent with relationships, business growth and support!

Galentines || Women’s Community Event ||Feb 24th || 9:15am -11:30am || @ The Springs

SHE Sparks is hosting Business Galentines Speed Dating.
Ladies, sometimes we need a little boost of exposure and some help to meet new business connections. That’s why each attendee from this event will walk away with more connections than ever before. This will be an experience to think deeply, clearly, and a room full of mystery.
What does that mean? Well, do you want to grow personally or professionally? Attend to find out more! WE ALL RISE TOGETHER 🙂

Elite 2022 Events

Next open enrollment October – December 2023

Reach out to SHE TEAM to learn more about qualifications.