5 Reasons Why Women’s Networking is a MUST

“Investing in women is smart business. And women investing in themselves and in others, as they do through the network, is an even smarter business.”

– Sallie Krawcheck

1. Different Voices & Different Views

One of the greatest perks about a women’s networking group is the VARIETY of women that attend. It’s like a melting pot of ages, experiences, and perspectives! This results in a variety of diverse audiences which broadens a businesses circle of influence and it enables sharing within that circle. Sharing is a common factor when it comes to women. Women love to share their lives, opinions, FaceBook posts, and perspectives. When this concept of sharing is applied to the business world, more connections are made which produces more business!

2. Boost Yourself, Boost Your Business & Boost Others

One word to describe a women’s networking group is SUPPORT. It’s a place where women come to boost their business while finding ways to boost themselves and others. It’s a place to feel inspired and empowered! Women get women, and women inspire women. By attending a women’s networking group, there are endless ways to boost!

3. Safe Space

There’s no better place to receive and give advice than in a space that’s understanding and accepting. There are times when all you want to do is ask for advice but feel as if it’s irrelevant or simply “not the place.” When women are surrounded by women, it becomes a girl gang of support where everyone’s got your back. Each woman is there to help and receive help, whether that be by referrals or advice or even a listening ear – there’s a safe space to be vulnerable.

4. Make Meaningful Connections

This isn’t a typical networking event where you meet, connect on LinkedIn, maybe get a decent referral and that’s that. No, these types of events allow women the opportunities to make lifelong connections, that don’t just support the business, but that support each other in life. Just like women value relationships, they value their referrals and if they’re going to share a referral, you can bet it’s going to be worthwhile.

5. Your Target Audience

Women are the target. Women are viewed as the spender of the family. If anyone is going to invest the time and effort into spending money, it’s women. “Women spend more than men and it is empowering, fulfilling and therapeutic. There is no battle of the sexes here; it is the difference in their motives, rationales and perspectives which makes their spending habits very different from the other.” So why not target the audience that’s going to spend the most money on your business?

Women’s networking is a must! It’s a way for women to go and find inspiration.  It’s a safe place with welcoming fellow businesswomen that lift and empower one another, resulting in lifelong connections and a growth in business. There are many reasons to network but so many MORE reason to network with women! Come and EXPERIENCE the difference!

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