Networking is like Dating

Networking is like Dating

5 simple concepts that will BOOST your business

What is dating?

All of us have experienced the dating world, some more than others, nevertheless, we all know what it’s like to meet someone and try to get to know them. Dating is a way to start a relationship by getting to know the other person and maybe even continue on into a more serious relationship.

So what is networking?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, networking is “the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.” Networking is a way to build relationships that will cultivate more business. Many of us have had experiences in the networking world, some more than others. There are good experiences and bad. Sometimes there are results produced from networking, while other times there is not.

What do dating and networking have in common?  

The word “relationship.”

While “dating” says it’s not YET a relationship, networking is very much the same. It’s not YET a relationship but rather a way to build up to a relationship. Both dating and networking are producers of relationships. Using the same concepts of dating, we will show how networking can produce quality relationships and increase business.

5 simple concepts that will BOOST your business

  1. Speed dating is rough.

You have a very short amount of time to express who you are and convince that person that you’re worth taking interest in. Sound familiar? In SHE Sparks networking, typically each woman at a table has about 5-7 minutes to explain who they are, their business and why people should use their services. This is a short amount of time but if done right, can be very successful. It is all a matter of how you sell yourself and that’s by being genuine. If you’re real and use good word choice, people will want to learn more about you and build on that relationship.

  1. Nobody likes someone who only talks about themselves.

When on a date, it’s courteous to ask the person about themselves- who they are, their goals, ambitions, favorite food, and so on and so forth. And the same goes for networking. When you are speaking with someone or a group and they may not be very clear about their business, just start asking questions by getting to know their business. When this system is in place,  it’s guaranteed they’ll ask about your business as well. This creates a relationship of trust and allows conversations to flow more easily. Let’s admit it, whether it’s dating or networking, we all get nervous and stumble over our words. With the help of others comments and questions for guidance, we are able to better sell ourselves spontaneously.

  1. Second dates are a must!

If you like someone, you have to go on a second date in order to truly get to know them better and begin building a relationship. At networking events, it’s easy to say, “oh I met them once and they seem really nice”. But do you actually KNOW them? Do you know their business? Could you vouch for them and their business? If not, that’s when you set up a time to meet again if you feel comfortable after the first time. You ask to go out for lunch or a coffee! That’s when you are able to get to know them and they get to know you. The relationship starts and before you know it, you’re referring to them and they are referring to you.

  1. Sometimes dates don’t work out and it’s best to be friends.

That doesn’t mean you don’t like them but they just aren’t compatible for you. That might mean, later down the road, when you meet someone you think they could be good for others, you set them up. You still have a relationship but in a different way.  This also applies to the networking world. You might sit down with someone and build the relationship but come to find out that their services aren’t compatible with you at this time in your life. That’s okay. Later down the road, you might meet someone who needs your friend’s services and because you have already built that relationship, you’re able to refer that person to your friend.

  1. What comes around goes around.

The more relationships you build, the more referrals you’ll get. Simple as that! If you don’t believe that networking is like dating, test it out. Apply the five concepts to the next networking event you attend and see if this is true. If you treat a person like a dating relationship, you will see that relationship grow and produce more business for you than you thought. TRUST US!

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