What You Lack Doesn’t Define You

Standing in the corner keeping quiet I saw my friend counting the seconds until permitted to sit. I attended a business networking meeting a few weeks ago and invited my friend. She is trying to build her side business so she can quit her current job. I thought that it would be beneficial for her to get in front of fellow entrepreneurs and asked her to meet me there. What I did not count on was her systemic fear of large groups. When she spotted me walking her way I could see the fear and apprehension oozing from her countenance. While I had known she felt uncomfortable in groups, this reaction was deeper and more powerful than I had ever imaged. We chatted a bit and she began to relax. When I asked her why she felt so anxious she responded with a wide sweeping motion of her arm, displaying the fifty or so people in the room.

My natural desire to help kicked in and I started to offer advice, tricks, and coping tools to mold her apprehension into usable energy. While my intentions were noble, my friend humbled me when she said, “what I lack doesn’t define me”. She went on, “I run numbers, I analyze, I pinpoint, I investigate; my talents are found in the areas that extroverts typically run from. I don’t sell; I provide a crystal clear perspective of a company’s well being, I am a girl who feels comfortable in the quiet places.”

My friend taught me an excellent point; we all have strengths and just as important, we all have weaknesses. We all have talents and stumbling blocks but as business owners our job is to establish our strengths and to play too them. We live in a society that pressures us to become people that we aren’t. We use photo filters to alter our appearance, we post the smiley moments on Facebook, we buy on credit to show the world we are successful and can afford objects we truly can’t. Let us not allow the charade to continue, let us instead, search our souls to find and establish out talents. Let us flip the script and play the game on our terms, our strategies, and our rules.

We have a better opportunity now, more than any other time in history, to create our world by accessing and utilizing our strengths. You are not defined by what lack, but rather by your abundance. Are you unsure of your abundance? Than ask your friends, your family, your spouse, and your trusted confidant, those that know you best. They will know which of your talents abound. You can create the world you wish to live in. The best place to start is the world you have already created, your business. You can take control, you can build a company that reflects the very best you have to offer. Your business can promote your skillset to the world and it is easier than you think.

Take time to consider your abundance. What are you strengths? What do you do that ignites the fire within your soul? The passion you find is the passion you must bring to your next SHE Sparks event. Nothing speaks louder than a genuine story filled with the palpable spirit a person filled with an abundance mindset delivers. Bring that genuine story; ask your fellow entrepreneurs how you can build your reality through your company to create the world you wish to live in. Remember, what you lack does not define you. What you are, how you choose to react, who you decide to be, that is what defines you.

Written and inspired by: Eric Palmer

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