How to Use the Word FREE to Make Your Business

A Lot of Money

Written by Jon Bingham

Here is an incredible marketing technique that will show you how to use the word FREE to generate increased sales and profits. The word FREE just happens to be the most powerful word in advertising and marketing. No other word draws as much attention. No other word can generate as much action.

I am going to show you ways to use FREE and make a favorable impression with your prospects and customers… and make them want to do more FULL PRICE business with you.

Here is an example from one of our clients a Cardiologist Group (Heart Surgeons). These Surgeons makes money by performing procedures on patients referred from other general physicians. The key for them is to have as many physicians as possible referring patients to their group.

We found out that the office manager of the referring physicians often makes the decision on where to send their patients for cardiology. The problem is: how do we influence the office manager to choose our client over all the competitors? And how can we use FREE in this process?

We started off by creating a video that hit the physician’s hot buttons and does a nice job explaining the selling advantages of our client. At first, we thought about sending the video to the office managers but realized that it won’t work. None of the office managers are going to watch it at work and none of them would take it home to watch.

So we came up with a better way is to take the FREE offer to a much higher level…a level that inspires action. We took the same free video and added gift certificates from Hollywood Video and Applebee’s. Then we delivered the video and gift certificates to each of the office managers with a simple letter. It basically explained the reason why we were presenting the gift to them and if they had time to watch the short video from our client.

Have you guessed how many office managers watched the video? 97% watched it at home!! What kind of impact does this have on the prospect? They felt obligated to watch the video because of the gift certificates and it caused an 82% increase in referrals.

This technique makes follow up so much easier. Instead of the usual follow up call “We sent you a video, did you watch it yet?” they now say “Have you had a chance to use those free coupons yet?” Whether they have or haven’t, the reaction is always favorable. This approach generates a ton of business.

Think about ways you can integrate FREE into the way you do business and into your advertising. It’s the best risk lowering strategy there is and it works.

Jon is a Strategic Marketing Consultant, he creates proven marketing systems for Fortune 500 companies. Connect with him at Twitter @jon_bingham or email or 435-574-2145.
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