Making Business Fun

Make Doing Business With Your Company Easy, Appealing And Even Fun

Most companies never put themselves in their customers’ or prospects shoes. Why else would they make doing business with them so hard?

If someone calls your company and a receptionist is their first contact, can that person make a compelling response to the prospects’ or customers’ request?

When people come into your store and how well trained are your salespeople?  How much time have you spent in preparing scripts with questions and advice for your people to ask or offer to customers?

How willing are you or your people to answer questions and render informative advice, even if it does not directly or immediately benefit you?

How easy is it to find things in your store?

How conscientiously to do a follow-up on sales request, orders, and inquiries?

How well do you keep customers informed on the status of their order?

How much do you take your customers, prospects, and business for granted?  By merely stepping outside your office and walking up to your business wearing the shoes of your prospect, you may see a lot of flaws in your operation.  Once they are remedied, you can dramatically improve your current and repeat business potential.

By making it inviting, easy, informative, non-threatening, educational, inspiring, and fun to do business with you, you will slingshot your company past your competition.


  1. You cannot serve too much.
  2. You cannot educate enough.
  3. You cannot inform too much.
  4. You cannot offer too much follow up or follow through too far.
  5. You cannot make ordering too easy.
  6. You cannot make calling or coming into your business to desirable.

This same marketing strategy also applies to online businesses and web sites.  Make sure you take this information to heart and you’ll find that doing business is a lot of fun and much more profitable.

Written by Jon Bingham.
Jon is a Strategic Marketing Consultant, he creates proven marketing systems for Fortune 500 companies. Connect with him at Twitter @jon_bingham or email or 435-574-2145.
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