Sloppy Success is Better Than Perfect Mediocrity

Think about that for a minute, are you trying to get your business or practice just perfect before you’re really going to make some money. How about that website, email or ad you have been working on for months, when is it going to go out or go live? Working for perfection does not ring the cash register, it means you are still working on it.

What I see so many of my clients, students and other entrepreneurs do is get so caught up in trying to get everything perfect that they never get anything done! There was a quote I heard a while back about being simply consistent.

“Ordinary things consistently done produce extraordinary results.”

If you want extraordinary results, step out of the need for perfectionism and do ordinary things consistently. Send that email, write that article, ask for the sale, approach someone about a joint venture, read to your kids, take your spouse out.

Ordinary things consistently done over time began to stack up and produce a tidal wave effect of tremendous results. For example, sending out emails or newsletters each month. Each one that you write and send out gives your credibility in the eyes of your reader.  It stacks on top of all your other articles and sets you apart as the Expert in your industry.

That produces extraordinary results from ordinary things consistently done.

Here is what you need to do now: Think of one project you’ve wanted to start or finish during the past year, but your perfectionism has crippled and even paralyzed your progress. Pull it out and make bite-size tasks to get it done. Then schedule a task for each day, finish the task and get ready for the next day’s task. Your main concern is to get it done, not perfect. And then put the project into action to see what results you get.

Whenever you find yourself paralyzed in a perfectionist moment, remind yourself why “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity.”

Don’t allow small things, like perfection to keep you from doing what is important in your business, in your relationships and your life.

Tony Robbins has a great quote that I remember when I get stuck: “If I can’t, I must.”

Written by Jon Bingham.
Jon is a Strategic Marketing Consultant, he creates proven marketing systems for Fortune 500 companies. Connect with him at Twitter @jon_bingham or email or 435-574-2145.
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