The Only Four Ways to Grow Your Business

Are you struggling with a sales strategy during these tumultuous and uncertain times? Just because events are being cancelled, schools are closing, and it feels like the world might stop turning, that doesn’t mean your business has to. 

Remember: You have a WHY. You have a purpose in your business. Walk toward your why. What you are doing will continue to feel much more purposeful if you remember to remind yourself of your WHY. 

Keep that fire within you. Don’t stop working toward your goals, and don’t have fear. If you’re struggling with fear or uncertainty in your business–particularly with your sales strategy–here are some tips and valuable strategies to help you stay consistent with your growth.

There are only four ways to grow your business:


  1. More customers

    This is likely the most obvious option: Grow your business by gaining more customers. But how? Most of the time, new business is based on relationships and getting introductions. Be authentic when meeting new potential clients, and make sure they know you are here to help them. You aren’t just selling–you’re providing something that’s going to make their lives better. Ask your current clientele for introductions to those who you want to work with. Stay consistent with telling your customers and potential customers what you want them to do. Figure out your why and walk toward your why.

  2. Get your current customers to buy more

    Your most important customer is the customer you currently have. What are you doing to make their experience exceptional? They’re already your raving fans–make sure you keep providing them value and you’re always making sure they’re up-to-date on the going’s on in your business. Treat them well, and they’re likely to treat you well right back.

  3. New products and/or bundles

    Try creating different streams of revenue. Take a look at your profit margins: What gives you good profit, better profit and the best profit? Create new streams of revenue, perhaps, by offering products or bundling products and services. There’s always something you can offer that complements your services and your company’s mission. This can even be an e-book or a downloadable PDF. You may have to get creative, but it’s always smart to have a stream of revenue working for you in the background.

  4. Get referrals from your current customers

Pick three of your most raving fans: Who has been with you the longest? Who is your most loyal client? Who has been giving you positive reviews? Give these customers a gift, treat them and their spouse to dinner, or send them something in the mail. The best way to get more customers is to take care of your current customers. It’s significantly less expensive to get referrals from your current customers rather than hunt for new ones.

Written by Emily Havens.
Emily Havens is the Marketing Director for SHE Sparks Business. She is an award-winning journalist who has a passion for women in business and female empowerment. Contact her at
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