Get Off The Social Media Struggle Bus

The No. 1 request we receive from business owners (that range in industry and target audience) who we advise during strategy sessions are questions like: 

How should I grow my social media following? 

What should I post? 

I don’t have time for social media, but the people I hire never seem to get it right. What should I do? 

Why am I not seeing conversions?

So, if you’re struggling with a social media strategy, you aren’t alone. You entered your line or work or started your business because you’re passionate about the business–not about social media. Here’s where we see business owners swing to one extreme or the other: They either try too hard to learn the ins and outs themselves, or they spend too much money hiring someone else to manage their social media accounts for them.

There is absolutely a happy medium there. Be comfortable living in the gray area!

Perhaps you hire an intern or an assistant to help you with creating graphics, coming up with content, or brainstorming strategies for organic growth. Maybe you learn how to time block social media content creation into your schedule and learn how to schedule posts as a “set it and forget it” method so you can move on to bigger and better things for your biz. 

Or maybe you’re stuck trying to figure out exactly WHY you need to be on camera in the first place. 

First of all, your followers want to see your face. They want to get to know you and understand your why. Most people on social media, especially if they’re following your business account, want to know more about why you do what you do and who you are. They are information bloodhounds, and they won’t buy from you until you’ve given them sufficient information to convince them to. 

Secondly, please don’t get caught up in trying to understand and learn the algorithms for every social media platform. It’s a lot of information, it changes constantly, it’s confusing, and no one actually knows what they’re talking about. Sure, there are some well-known social media rules out there in terms of algorithms (make sure your Facebook Live videos are more than 2 minutes long, avoid the excessive use of hashtags, and post to your stories as much as possible), but for the most part–don’t trust it unless it’s coming from the tech companies themselves. Algorithms change constantly, and you don’t want to switch up your social media strategy prematurely on bad advice. 

What do your followers really want to see right now? What are they dying to know about your company or industry? What is something they’re likely to share to their friends and family? 

If you want your social media to start working for you, you have to get out of a negative mindset about social media. Here’s our tips to help you get started:

1. Stop believing social media will give you conversions immediately.

It takes time to build trust and familiarity with your followers. It takes time to develop your brand’s voice, have it resonate with your followers, and produce conversions.

2. Stop stealing content ideas or voices from others in your industry.

Taking time to develop your own brand’s voice is the key to remaining authentic online. Sure, looking for inspiration can be a huge motivational tool, but mimicking another brand should not be your end goal. Remember to remain consistent in your messaging online.

3. Saying, “I don’t have enough time for social media,” is no longer a valid excuse.

Telling yourself you don’t have time to nurture your social media following is confirmation bias at its finest. You don’t actually WANT to play a role in growing your following, so you don’t try, and therefore your pages remain stagnant. There are numerous amounts of tools available for post scheduling and analytic tracking that help YOU get results you can literally time block in your schedule for as little as 10 minutes a day, though we recommend blocking out an hour for the entire week’s upcoming posts, content creating, and post scheduling. 

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