These Tips Will Completely Change the Way You Manage Your Time

Newsflash: We are NOT supposed to be busy. 

To quote Jory MacKay in an article by Fast Company: “Busyness has slowly and tactfully become to workplace religion … and in order to do meaningful work and become more creative and productive, we need to take a step away from the always-on, no-room-to-breathe, hectic pace of the modern workplace.” 

Being busy and answering the question, “How are you?” with, “I’m so busy, but good!” has become the standard answer for so many entrepreneurs and people in business. What’s happening is we’ve fallen into this damaging and dangerous cycle, and it’s happened to us right under our noses.

So, why is being busy damaging?

We talk about “being busy” as if we have no control over our time. We talk about “being busy” like it’s a good thing. Sure, having priorities, keeping on top of things, and getting tasks completed is the only way things ever get done; however, being busy does not equal success.

We often hear so many people “busy” themselves out of things. You can’t “busy” yourself out of quality conversations. You can’t “busy’” yourself out of that important call with your client and delegate it to an employee. All too often do we meet an entrepreneur who “busies” themselves out of tasks they have the ability–and yes, even the time–to do on their own; however, they choose to hire it out and wonder where their capital is going.

There is nothing wrong with delegating–in fact, it’s the best way to free up more time in your schedule for the important tasks you absolutely need to do yourself.

But here’s the catch: You should have a pretty damn good reason to “busy” yourself out of your own business.

You do two things when you tell someone you’re busy. First, you’re basically saying you’re horrible at time management. It also could be a pretty good indicator that you’re bad at saying, “no.” Second, you’re telling other people that busy equals good, therefore furthering the myth that being busy means you have a surefire shot at being successful.

Do you get where I’m going here? Why this makes no sense?

Just because your list is staking up, you have a lot of tasks to complete–that doesn’t mean those tasks are going to get done or your goals will be met. Of course, we all have long to-do lists. But, again, you don’t have to drive yourself to the grave getting them completed.

This goes SO much further beyond setting priorities and time blocking. This is about understanding that humans are not meant to be busy. We are meant to enjoy the little things in life. We’re meant to take a little extra time at the coffee shop in the morning (where do you think some of the best, most creative ideas come from?), spend more time with the people in our lives we love, and create memories.

We are meant to THRIVE, not just survive. We are meant to enjoy the time we’re spending here on this planet.

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