How to Grow Your Emailing List Effortlessly

Email marketing can be tricky business. 

What content should I promote? How often do I send emails? What does my audience want to hear from me? What’s the best way to write a subject line that will actually get my emails opened? What system is best for me? 

There’s a lot to it, folks. Especially since there’s so much uncertainty about what the future of email marketing may look like in the near future. 

Currently, though, email marketing is still a relevant, effective way to engage with your customers. The most important questions to ask yourself are: How am I going to build my list, and What am I going to say to them? 

For the purposes of this post, we’re going to focus on that first question. Here are our strategies on how to build your emailing list effortlessly and effectively:

1. Ask

Yep. It’s that easy.

Think about this: If you’re out and about–especially if you’re at an event–you’re going to socialize and use that time to your best advantage, right? And when someone strikes a conversation with you that goes well, and they ask you for your business card, you are likely thrilled they asked and are excited to build on that relationship.

You have to remember that when you’re asking for other people’s contact information, too. They’re likely stoked to be having a conversation with you (not always, though, I get it), and they’re going to be excited to see what kind of a mutually-beneficial relationship is going to come from getting to know someone.

If they’re engaging in a conversation with you, and the conversation is going well, that means they’re interested in what you have to say.

2. Collaborate with others

Collaborations can be hugely beneficial in not just building your emailing list, but also for brand awareness, advertising, growing your network, growing your following, and so much more!

In terms of emailing lists, though, consider collaborating with another organization or individual who has a mission similar to yours. Maybe they have a bigger following than you, but maybe they don’t. Certainly, though, a collaboration is going to get your introduced to new faces and new followers.

Here’s an example. SHE Sparks Business collaborated with a local restaurant AND a local social media marketing expert to create a Ladies Night Out Event that resulted in hundreds of RSVP’s–many of which were new to our emailing list.

This expanded our reach, helped with brand awareness for SHE Sparks Business, and it also resulted in conversations down the road.

3. Attend networking events

This tip is pretty straight-forward, but it’s worth mentioning.

You can’t show up for your business if you’re not actually showing up in your own community. You can’t expect people to show up for you if you aren’t also showing up for them.

“Networking” is one of those words that can trigger some negative connotations to people. “Ugh, not one of those BORING events where I pay $45 for a plate of mediocre hotel food, am forced to interact with people who aren’t relevant to my needs, and end up leaving feeling like I’ve wasted my time. NO THANK YOU.”

The key here is finding your tribe. Finding where you can find others who are going to help support you and your dreams. Finding those people who can mentor you and you can mentor them back. If you don’t have a group like this in your own community, make one.

Having a community in your back pocket and being involved in a business community of some sort is a fantastic way to grow your emailing list! Start with an introductory email similar to this: “Hi, I’m a new member in our networking community! I wanted to reach out and introduce myself. I hope to connect and work with you someday!”

4. Create a lead magnet

Lead magnets are fantastic ways to grow your emailing lists, and it’s become one of the most effective ways to grow your audience and list of leads.

One of the ways lead magnets are so effective is because the emails you are collecting are from people who are willfully giving you their email address BECAUSE they are interested in your content.

If you don’t know what a lead magnet is, a lead magnet is an exchange of some kind of content in exchange for an email address. You’ve likely seen advertisements that go something like this:

“Are you struggling with your marketing strategy on Instagram? I’ve created a FREE worksheet that will help get YOU on the map. Swipe up!”

What happens is the audience member/interested person watches that video ad, swipes up, and is prompted to enter their name and email address and will receive a download for “free.”

Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Share a worksheet (see example above)
-Share a list of resources
-Share a PDF of a blog post you’ve written

The possibilities are endless!

5. Promote a freebie

This last tip is very similar to No. 4, but it’s important to note because if you don’t have access to a system that allows you to give instant PDF downloads in the form of lead magnets, you can still offer them in creative ways!

During your live videos, tell your listeners to DM you their email addresses for a free download. Maybe you’re going on a radio show soon, and offer the same thing. You’re basically promoting a freebie (just like a lead magnet) without having to set it up on the backend. Obviously, lead magnets make it easier because you don’t have to physically do it yourself; however, if you don’t have access to that resource, you can still give “freebies” away in exchange for someone’s email address.