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What Is SHE Sparks

SHE Sparks Business is a monthly membership networking medium for female entrepreneurs to collaborate, connect, educate and grow their businesses and networks. Unlike other networking platforms, SHE Sparks is focused towards a network of women in business exclusively and getting them connected with other female leaders. The intent is to provide a safe environment where women can feel empowered to conduct business at their full capacity.

SHE Sparks advances new ways for female entrepreneurs to engage with the workforce to build enthusiasm and encourage devotion to a higher work standard.


  • Question & Answers
  • Build Up Connecting
  • Women’s Summits
  • Training & Education
  • Sponsors and MORE!

Why SHE Sparks

To build relationships/connections to grow our businesses and advance in business skills. SHE Sparks Business is a great way of finding other business women who are going through similar situations as you or have experienced similar successes/failures to give advice that can get you through the hurdle.

Networking with women assists the exchange of ideas, the ignition of trade through the development of strategic business contacts along with having the opportunity to have intelligent conversations with women in professional settings.

Meet the SHE Team

Sharon is the Owner of She Sparks Business and helps businesses increase their following. She is a master of building business relationships and will teach you all the tips you need to increase your networking activity. Sharon is a sophisticated Marketing Strategist and Public Speaker.

Beyond marketing, Sharon shares a passion for training and leaving a positive legacy. Sharon’s speaking and training experiences have provided her with unique skills to teach, motivate, and connect with her audience. With her experiences, Sharon knowledge’s the impact and tremendous value that Women Programs provide for many businesswomen throughout the community and deserves to continue offering this positive impact. The drive and inspiration businesswomen have has led Sharon to the decision of creating and fostering SHE Sparks Business so that women in business can connect and network in a professional setting.

Sharon extremely enjoys being connected to the community. She is a Director for BNI Utah South, a certified trainer for the School Of Life Foundation, a member and supporter of Corporate Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Influence Center, and other community groups.

Burning Desire: “To always smile and bring positivity in life”

Key to success: “Be the leader you want to follow”

Emily Havens is the Marketing Director of She Sparks Business. As a fierce believer in women’s empowerment in business and finance, Emily is thrilled to spread the message that Success Happens Everyday.

Emily grew up in St. George and graduated from Dixie State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication. She was awarded the Excellence of Mass Communication award upon graduation and spent her collegiate years in editor positions on the student newspaper. Emily spent three years at The Spectrum & Daily News, a USA Today network newspaper, as a journalist covering women’s issues, diversity, LGBT culture, the FLDS population, and much more. Emily has garnered several awards from the Associated Press, Utah Press Association, and Nevada Press Association.

In addition to her contributions to journalism, Emily is also a nonprofit chapter president for I Support the Girls, a global effort to supply women and girls in need with bras and feminine menstrual hygiene products.

As a natural-born leader, Emily believes power comes within. With collaboration, networking and just one good idea, she believes women can change the world.



Jessica Webb is a licensed Realtor with Prado Real Estate. She is also affiliated with Immaculate Homes, a custom home builder in St. George. Jessica is also the Member Success Director for SHE Sparks Business. Her goal is to utilize every day to learn from others and strengthen the community by supporting the amazing women entrepreneurs.

Jessica’s goals:
1.) Dedicated to each client.
2.) Always be engaged & keep good communication
3.) Making the building process simple and truly bringing you a fun experience with customizing your home
4.) Help business owners see rising success!
Having versatile knowledge will open a lot more opportunities to others.
Jessica is eager to help. 

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