Women’s Community Events

SHE Sparks Business is a like-minded women’s mastermind tribe sparking each other’s personal and professional growth. Southern Utah’s #1 business networking community that helps women GROW while making more money and saving time through relationships. Relationships that support your reliable income plus a safety net of quality connections who boost your passions. We provide monthly networking events that allow the women in Southern Utah to gather together and grow their passions, mastermind, and build relationships with one another.

What to Expect at a Women’s Community Event

SHE Sparks Business provides a Women’s Community Event each month to help women in Southern Utah connect, collaborate, and mastermind.

Each Women’s Community Event begins with open networking. Networking with women enhances the exchange of ideas, the ignition of trade through the development of strategic business contacts, and the opportunity to engage in intelligent conversations with women in professional settings.

Once the event begins, we provide valuable training to help women conquer their business goals through referrals, relationships, local connections, and business training.

We always end our Women’s Community Events with a powerful Mastermind. This allows Women to be the main character in their business and receive tangible ideas, advice, and takeaways to help women suceed.

Come, get connected, build relationships and learn about what is happening locally for the world of women in business!

Upcoming Women’s Community Events

Women’s Community Event *Bring your daughter!

Women’s Community Event
SHE brings her daughter
Women conquering their passions through momentum, relationships, masterminds, round table connecting, and a unique group activity. An environment to share quality positive conversations that leads to ultimate results. Bring your female teens or other women in your circle you want to influence.

A journey begins with connection and progress. This progress is a reward for consistency on the journey to achievement… The ability to create consistent positive habits leads to massive action which in turn leads to momentum and ultimately results. And if you can create momentum by continuously progressing you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.
Register you and bring your daughter FOR FREE!
****Teenagers or Older****

June 30th 9:15am-11:30am
@ The Springs *Toquerville

New 2022 Women's Community Event Calendar

Download our new 2022 Women’s Community Events Calendar and never miss a Women’s Community Event! Events are held on the last Thursday of each month.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!