Value of Events

A great perk about a woman’s networking group is the VARIETY of women who attend. SHE Sparks Business is comprised of women across all backgrounds and levels of business. Our events always include structured networking activities that are designed to get you connected to women who are operating businesses at the same caliber as you.

Networking with women enhances the exchange of ideas, the ignition of trade through the development of strategic business contacts, and having the opportunity to engage in intelligent conversations with women in professional settings.

Come, get connected, build relationships and learn about what is happening locally for the world of women in business.

*Women’s Community Event *Vision Boards + Mastermind || Jan 27th || 9:15am -11:30am || @ The Awtood Plaza


Progress is a reward for consistency on the journey to achievement.
We will be making vision boards at this Women’s Community Event while focusing on your…

It is unbelievable how powerful you can be when you have a clear visual of what you want.

Imagine your goals have all been achieved.
You have ENDLESS amount of money, time & resources in the world.
Your business runs completely without you.
You have everything you’ve ever wanted.
***NOW WHAT are you wanting to do?
***What’s your NEXT STEP? Your BIGGER BIG?
***What are you OR have been attracted into your life?
Build impactful resources you can see EVERYDAY.
When you see it you can believe it.
When you believe it you will feel it.
When you feel it you will achieve it.

Come meet new faces, new introductions, and let’s grow your biz! Let’s come together & stay consistent with relationships, business growth and support!

Galentines || Women’s Community Event ||Feb 24th || 9:15am -11:30am || @ The Springs

SHE Sparks is hosting Business Galentines Speed Dating.
Ladies, sometimes we need a little boost of exposure and some help to meet new business connections. That’s why each attendee from this event will walk away with more connections than ever before. This will be an experience to think deeply, clearly, and a room full of mystery.

What does that mean? Well, do you want to grow personally or professionally? Attend to find out more! WE ALL RISE TOGETHER 🙂