As a Membership team… We all rise together!

SHE Sparks Business is all about our members and the EXPERIENCES we provide to help women conquer their business goals through referrals, relationships, local connections, and business training.

Women are natural hard workers who feel fulfilled by earning what they have, whether that be earning the love of a child, earning the trust of a friend, and/or earning financial freedom. That natural instinct results in having a different perspective in the business world by showing it’s about the individual rather than the general business as a whole. It’s about earning respect, trust, and eventually, business.

We are your local girl gang community, focused on supporting YOU and YOUR goals as we navigate the crazy, yet rewarding journey of entrepreneurship!

Are you ready to GROW your business? Would word-of-mouth help you succeed? Do you have a plan in place to reach your next goal? What about the goal after that? We’re ere to HELP!


One Year Participation Membership


Consistent connecting events build powerful relationships among businesswomen to grow your business, advance in referrals, and increase business skills. Includes all SHE Sparks Business events & membership benefits. (Pay your yearly membership in full and save some money)!

Monthly Participation Membership


One-year membership, same benefits, and access, broken into monthly payments.
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One Event Participation Fee

$45 (Call us today for $10 off)

Our Women’s Community Events allow women (outside of SHE Sparks) who are interested in increasing their contacts, sources, and business skills to have positive and empowering conversations with other businesswomen.

Members Only Events

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Members-only!* Contact to become a member. All included with membership.*

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!