SHE Sparks Business Presents:

Business Retreat at Open Sky Zion

August 26th-29th

Space is limited! Reserve your spot now!

Business Retreat at Open Sky

SHE Sparks Business Retreats get you out of your comfort zone and back into alignment with your vision. Bring your sparking unique personality and a PLUS ONE (Male or Female), as we experience the multi-million dollar project lifestyle.

You will learn how to maximize your assets, relationships, time, and participate in valuable mastermind activities with the incredible entrepreneurs and leaders participating at the RETREAT.

>>>$10,000 Value<<<

What’s included?

Multi-Million Dollar Project: Private Discussion
Learn from the entrepreneurs who created Open Sky Zion from the bottom up.
Reflective Lightbulb Moments
One-of-a-kind experiences, breakthroughs, and clarity.
Priceless Personal and Professional Growth
MASSIVE GROWTH experience close to HOME
Work hard-Play hard
Relationship connection booster at the LAKE!
Persistence Coming to Life
Taking a massive vision or dream and making it into a reality.
Be of Nature, Indulge in life
Immerse yourself into Zion with unique accommodations. 3-days 3-nights in an extraordinary luxury destination.

What to Expect?

Arrival Day: Thursday Aug 26th
6:00 pm Arrival & Check-In 

Welcome Night *Dinner MIX & MINGLE 

FriYAY Aug 27th
Lake Day
Masterminding, Discussion/Training, Surfing, Tubing
Masterminding, Breakthroughs, Surfing, Tubing
Clean-up, restore, quiet-time, journal time, funnel down to turn focus on reels for their platform, messaging, poke holes. PRE-GAME before the group meets up.
Group Dinner
*Individual SELF CARE*
enjoy watching sunset
Fires at personal tents.
Saturday Aug 28th
PRE-GAME before group meet up.

*Hot Breakfast with group

-Identifying your relationship with large investments and money.
-Put yourself in challenging growth situations where you understand you could lose it all.
Private exclusive Q&A session: Multi-Million Dollar Project discussion with the Entrepreneurs, who created Open Sky from the bottom ground up.
* Cloth & Flame Dinner
Sound Healing, Fire, Smores
UNDER THE STARS, music, stars, SPARKS.

Sunday Aug 29th
Walk-N-Talk Adventure: optional
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Space is limited

SHE Sparks Business is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find their passion and keep their SPARK alive! This business retreat is all about getting away to reset your mindset and get inspired to do what you love!

Expect to feel rejuvenated with the sumptuous, breathtaking glamping resort hidden in the canyons near Zion National Park. Safari-style tents traveled all the way from Africa and have been carefully designed to blend with the magnificent Zion landscape.

You and your PLUS ONE (Male or Female) will leave with a sense of remembering what you want, who you really are and why you are here to spark a legacy in the world! Let’s not forget about your business passions exploding through reflective knowledge and given action tools from the (surprise guests/experts) and your exclusive RETREAT mastermind.

See what other women have to say about our past Retreats!

This event was so unique as far as how intimate and personal it got.

I’m overwhelmed with emotion. It’s been amazing and I loved everything about it.

We have a sisterhood here, a tribe that can all count on each other and I love that.

Are you Ready to Join Us?

Find a tent that works for you!

Cedar Springs

Come build real relationships in luxury! The Cedar Springs is Open Sky Zion’s standard luxury tent with a comfortable King-sized bed to share with your plus-one!

** You are purchasing 2 spots for the OPEN SKY ZION RETREAT. Each spot is $1300 and you are responsible for bringing an additional business leader.


Only 1 left in stock

Desert Rose

The Desert Rose is a superior luxury tent and is great for travelers who want luxury immersed in nature. This is Open Sky Zion’s medium tent with a comfortable King-sized bed to share with your plus-one!

** You are purchasing 2 spots for the OPEN SKY ZION RETREAT. Each spot is $1800 and you are responsible for bringing an additional business leader.


Only 1 left in stock

Star Seeker

Our Star Seeker tent has a luxurious king-sized bed underneath a beautiful skylight where you can watch the stars. It also has a king-sized bed perfect for sharing with your plus one!

Sleeps 4. Sharing a bed is required.
** You are purchasing 2 spots for the OPEN SKY RETREAT. Each spot is $1550 and you are responsible for bringing an additional business leader. You can purchase the entire tent for $6200 and have 4 spots for the retreat


Only 2 left in stock

Imagine This

Meeting other authentic entrepreneurs who are looking to grow personally and professionally. Feeling supported while you express your successes and pain points. Learning how to grow and scale your business through keynote speakers geared to help your business flourish.

Hiking in picturesque views near Zion National Park, creating real relationships with other incredible individuals, roasting s’mores under a starry night sky, sparking creativity through masterminds, and soaking up high vibes!

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This RETREAT is for you if you are craving…


Adventure and luxury
Getting out of your comfort zone
A reset button for your business
Massive up-leveling and mindset shifts
Connection and masterminding with other high vibes entrepreneurs
A like-minded tribe in your back pocket
A break from everyday life to spoil yourself

This RETREAT is not for you if…

You are not willing to invest in yourself
You dislike getting to know new people
You hate the outdoors and adventure