REAL women creating REEL content and putting the SOCIAL back into SOCIAL media!

Space is limited: only 19 spots left!

Space is limited: only 19 spots left!

Indroducing Southern Utah’s First REAL REEL PARTY!!

Ladies say YES to a reel content experience with 20 SPARKing awesome real female business leaders. This PARTY will help you dive deep into creating scroll-stopping content & Instagram REELS that will boost your engagement and connection with your audience.

Come prepared to create amazing content, engaging reels, and real relationships! This REAL REELS party is the best way to collaborate with other businesswomen in Southern Utah, in the FIRST REAL REEL CONTENT PARTY!

Collaborate with other SPARKing awesome women!

Understand the algorithm and make it work for you!

Create scroll stopping content that converts!!

What to Expect

>>> $1000 value for just $100!

Keynote speaker: Why Reels and How to Create SCROLL STOPPING CONTENT!

Learn the mission behind the Instagram Algorithm and get tips on how to make the algorithm work for you!

Walk away with 3 recorded REELS ready to post and increase your small business’s reach!

Gain insight from other women in business and add their ideas to your content toolbox!

Mastermind from REAL women and create content that attracts REAL customers!

Claim your FREE headshot from our professional photographer!

Indulge in a delicious dinner while creating friendships!

Boogie into the night with our mini dance party!

Imagine This

Diving deep into Instagram Reels and creating engaging content with other women in business that serve you and your business. Collaborate and create the content your social media needs while building REAL relationships and putting the SOCIAL back in social media. Meeting other authentic women who are looking to grow personally and professionally. Feeling supported while you express your successes and pain points. Learning how to grow and scale your social media, learn how to create reels that convert and grow mindfully with social media.


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This event is for you if:

You have been making reels and content, but you don’t feel like it is converting
You feel like you’re in a creative rut with your social media
You want to collaborate with other women in business
You need some help masterminding new content and reel ideas
You have reel ideas that you need other people to participate in
You feel you are lacking connection with other women and you want to collaborate with them in a creative environment.

This event is not for you if:

You have little or no experience making reels or Instagram content. This is not a course, it is an experience to make content with other women.
You are not active on Instagram
You are not interested in making Instagram reels
You don’t want to expand your social media

Meet your Keynote Speakers!

Glady Dalton

Glady is the owner and creative mind behind Heart Take the Wheel, photography for your brand. She has been using REELS and Social Media to expand her reach and cultivate her expertise. Here are some facts about Glady! * I’m based in St. George, Utah, but I work with many of my clients remotely or we fly to one another! * I’m a crazy plant lady and at the time of writing this I have 75 house plants! Self-care tip: name a plant after yourself. * My style is clean, simple, and minimal. Check my portfolio here to see if you like it and it meets your needs. * While I took several photography courses in college, I actually got my degree in Psychology! My photo courses didn’t transfer when I moved to Utah 😥 so from then on I took my photo education into my own hands.

Sharon Rosenbaum

Sharon is the Owner of She Sparks Business and helps businesses increase their following. She is a master of building business relationships and will teach you all the tips you need to increase your networking activity. Sharon is a sophisticated Marketing Strategist and Public Speaker. Beyond marketing, Sharon shares a passion for training and leaving a positive legacy. Sharon’s speaking and training experiences have provided her with unique skills to teach, motivate, and connect with her audience. With her experiences, Sharon knowledge’s the impact and tremendous value that Women Programs provide for many businesswomen throughout the community and deserves to continue offering this positive impact. The drive and inspiration businesswomen have has led Sharon to the decision of creating and fostering SHE Sparks Business so that women in business can connect and network in a professional setting.

Cammie Hurst

Cammie is the Marketing Tech Director for SHE Sparks. She is passionate about helping small businesses succeed and enjoys learning about how to use Social Media as a tool to help with organic growth.

She has helped mentor small businesses all over the United States, helping them grow to over 100K Instagram followers organically, and has traveled to Africa to help mentor small businesses.

Small business marketing can seem stressful, but Cammie breaks down and helps create marketing strategies that even the beginner can use to help create a successful platform for their business.