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Faithful Palate with Jeannie Hughes

Jeannie Hughes is the Raw Food Chef and Nutritional Living Coach behind Faithful Palate LLC. Faithful Palate hosts a 12-month group coaching program locally and across the country designed to teach The 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits as outlined in the Faithful Palate Diet available on Amazon. Individual coaching is also available. 

The learning process includes Raw Food Culinary Arts plus Habit Creation & Mastery.  The idea is to create, support and sustain the habits necessary for both short- and long-term health. 

Jeannie Hughes was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 20 years ago.  Today, however, Jeannie is completely free of this auto-immune disorder.  Jeannie gives the credit to God and changing her diet to one of raw fruits, veggies, nuts, sprouts and seeds.  Ask yourself this: “Do I enjoy processed food or junk-food?” If the truth is yes, then ask yourself, “Do I want to want the junk?” And if the answer is no, you may have just found your solutions in a Faithful Palate coaching program. Why? Because nothing tastes as good and being healthy feels!


Jeannie Hughes
Helping Ordinary People Achieve Extra-Ordinary Eating Habits

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Allies of Southern Utah
Allies is a relationship building company who focuses on helping you build business relationships through peer groups, retreats, and monthly networking events.

Cherry Creek Media
Cherry Creek Media focuses on serving the needs of our markets’ listeners, advertisers and team members. Our 53 radio stations serve the local markets in the Rocky Mountain Region, Upper Midwest, Northwest and Southwest. Each year we promote incredible events that allow attendees to connect directly with businesses.

Jon Bingham

Since 1992, Jon has generated over $292 million in sales and revenue for his clients and partners with outrageous marketing strategies. Strategies that work for any business, within any profession, in any industry.
Jon has trained, counseled and coached over 1,200 companies. He has presented workshops, seminars, webinars, and teleseminars to over 17,000 business owners across the country.

CamiRose Yoga

Hi! I’m Camille or Cami. I’m here to introduce you to yoga and a wholehearted way of living your life. I’ve been a yoga instructor since 2014. Yoga helps me stretch my soul creatively, feel love for the world we live in and has brought lifelong friendships into my life. I want these things for you and I want you to find a wholehearted way of living your life.
I am a world traveling, yoga practicing, yummy food cooker and eater, desert living girl and I can’t wait to meet you.
XOXO + Namaste Camille

Heart Take the Wheel

Glady from Heart take the Wheel is your brand & business photographer. Her passion is creating photographs that help you share your brand story. Her services are designed for brands that love to keep their content fresh.
Services include headshots, products, social media stock, interiors, events, and branding portraits.
Connect with Glady when you’re ready to level up your brand photography!

Supporting Sponsors

Being a Supporting Sponsor offers your business tremendous publicity throughout Southern Utah. Supporting Sponsors provide multiple ways to help women succeed in business, allow more connecting events, and provide ways to boost education in your industry. Spark Sponsors will be switched out every 6-12 months.

We know you do not have all day to wait in line at the pharmacy, that is why our focus is on quality yet efficient care.Our staff will make sure that your needs are attended to quickly and correctly. Feel free to ask our pharmacists questions about your medications and services; we want you to leave confident and informed about your health regimen. In addition to effective and efficient service, we also off extensive over the counter selections and boast the largest support stocking section in St. George!

Have your children seen cockroaches, ants, or even scorpions? Do nasty spiders build webs on your children’s backyard toys? If you said yes, you probably live in Southern Utah. The good news, Utah’s Dixie is home to your pest protectors, Southwest Exterminators.

We will defend your family from biting, stinging, and disease spreading pests.

Call 435-628-2700 and mention SHE Sparks Business and get a 50% off your pest protection treatment as a thank you for supporting my friend, Sharon Rosenbaum.

Your protection from pests, Southwest Exterminators.–

Casey Kuckert is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business & Life Coach who has started over 7 successful businesses in the last 15 years. She is currently the CEO and Founder of The Society Women’s Center in St. George, Utah. The Society Center offers female-driven creative co-working space, workshops, classes and events along with an amazing menu of spa services. The Society is a space for high vibe women to thrive, create and work on their passions.

This is a great idea! I have had the privilege of getting to know Sharon over the last few years. One thing that stands out about Sharon is her dedication and passion to not only have success but to help others achieve it as well! Sharon is constantly trying to provide value and resources to our community. However, this venture is going to help others to not only believe and dream in themselves…but to actually make them a reality!

Orion Parker, LEGAL SHIELD

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.

Shelia McCourtney, ARCHITECT

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