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Simply Healed

Carolyn Cooper

SimplyHealed Trainings were created for people like you who want to live at their full potential, yet sometimes find themselves feeling stuck, lacking confidence, needing clarity, or simply feeling out of balance.
Negative emotions can stay with us from childhood, from recent experiences, and now science has proven that we even inherit emotions through our DNA. Those emotions create energy blocks that make it difficult to live and grow as our best self. 
SimplyHealed is a simple way to do advanced energy healing work that anyone can learn. It’s a graceful, efficient way to find and dissolve the root of an ailment whether physical, mental, emotional. This powerful way of healing changes energy patterns as well as subconscious beliefs and clients report profound and life changing results.
After years of working personally with thousands of clients across the globe via phone/Skype, Carolyn Cooper created The SimplyHealed Method, and for the past 17 years has been successfully teaching others to heal themselves, their families, and clients. SimplyHealed has a branch in Australia, but the home base is here in beautiful St. George! Students have traveled from 40 states and 8 countries to learn this unique healing method.
Carolyn’s trainings include an online Business Course and online community to help students build their own successful healing practice or add it to their current coaching business. She loves to help people connect with their innate healing powers by making complex ideas less woo-woo and more accessible. 
Let’s connect!
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 *  If you’re interested in sessions or trainings, deets are here: www.SimplyHealed.com

Spark Sponsors

Allies of Southern Utah
Allies is a relationship building company who focuses on helping you build business relationships through peer groups, retreats, and monthly networking events.

Cherry Creek Media
Cherry Creek Media focuses on serving the needs of our markets’ listeners, advertisers and team members. Our 53 radio stations serve the local markets in the Rocky Mountain Region, Upper Midwest, Northwest and Southwest. Each year we promote incredible events that allow attendees to connect directly with businesses.

Jon Bingham

Since 1992, Jon has generated over $292 million in sales and revenue for his clients and partners with outrageous marketing strategies. Strategies that work for any business, within any profession, in any industry.
Jon has trained, counseled and coached over 1,200 companies. He has presented workshops, seminars, webinars, and teleseminars to over 17,000 business owners across the country.

Heart Take the Wheel

Glady from Heart take the Wheel is your brand & business photographer. Her passion is creating photographs that help you share your brand story. Her services are designed for brands that love to keep their content fresh.
Services include headshots, products, social media stock, interiors, events, and branding portraits.
Connect with Glady when you’re ready to level up your brand photography!

Supporting Sponsors

Being a Supporting Sponsor offers your business tremendous publicity throughout Southern Utah. Supporting Sponsors provide multiple ways to help women succeed in business, allow more connecting events, and provide ways to boost education in your industry. Spark Sponsors will be switched out every 6-12 months.

This is a great idea! I have had the privilege of getting to know Sharon over the last few years. One thing that stands out about Sharon is her dedication and passion to not only have success but to help others achieve it as well! Sharon is constantly trying to provide value and resources to our community. However, this venture is going to help others to not only believe and dream in themselves…but to actually make them a reality!

Orion Parker, LEGAL SHIELD

I have been a sponsor for SHE Sparks Business for one year, and the level of vigor and vibrance is incredible! The level of trust the members of SHE Sparks Business build is deep. As a vendor, I have an opportunity to benefit from those deep relationships. If my business provides a great service for one member within SHE Sparks, I am sure to get additional referrals from others within the organization. It has been, and continues to be, a valuable vendor-ship, and I look forward to continuing the relationship with SHE Sparks Business.

Eric Palmer, Southwest Exterminators and 7 in 6 Consulting

I have had the distinct pleasure of sponsoring one of SHE Sparks Business’ events. The event was amazing with a great turn out, the training was awesome, and it was a very classy and well-organized event. I had the responsibility of presenting my business to a room full of women who are decision-makers for the home. The women were very receptive, and I have since received many referrals and have expanded my business because of this event. I would highly recommend businesses reach out and sponsor any of the SHE Sparks Business events—it has been a pleasure working with them. I have already scheduled my next event to sponsor.

J. Ryan Barton, 4 Seasons Yard Care

SHE Sparks Business is a place where the power of knowledge is supported by women who not only want to evolve, but also help other women evolve as well. Being a sponsor for this wonderful organization has contributed to our sales goals and marketing development. Enrich your business with great exposure and empowerment through this wonderful networking space. I grew as a businesswoman through applying the skills and tactics I have learned through SHE Sparks Business.

Perla Gatica, Magleby's

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